I take having fun seriously

I used to joke about "accidentally" becoming a DJ. In retrospect, however, it seems I was destined for this line of work. 


As a kid, I forced my cousin into playing “radio” with me, where we pretended to be radio DJs, making up weather updates and playing the Space Jam soundtrack.

In high school, I meticulously curated mixed CDs, because I knew my buddies looked forward to jamming in my car as we drove around small town Iowa.

As an RA at the University of Northern Iowa, I would cultivate community by throwing black-light raves in the study lounge.​

This led to co-hosting a bi-annual, substance-free, off-campus dance party that often exceeded 400-500 people. These were aptly named, "The Dance Party."

In college I also co-created “The Interlude Dance,” a silly choreographed dance set to the song "Interlude" by Attack Attack!​

To put a long story short, this evolved into an internet dance trend (with ~1000 videos online), and is still performed by several thousand fans each year at UNI athletic events.

So, I shouldn’t have been so surprised the first time I was asked by a friend if I would DJ their wedding.

I’ve always enjoyed finding the right songs to play at the right times to get the right reaction out of people.

Nearly a decade later, I've been helping people dance at over 250 weddings, events, and parties of every kind—and that number continue to grow!



In order to best understand the services I provide, you should first know what I find most important.


After several years of DJing, these are six golden rules I've learned and follow: 

I love helping people have fun



YOU are my top priority

Your event means your event. My expertise and style is simply a resource for you, not a rulebook.  If something is important to you, then that means it is important to me. I want to get to know you as more than clients—I want to get to know you as a couple, maybe even as friends. This helps me make your ideal party become a reality.



Go beyond the music

Great DJs are more than just a human playlist. They are the host of your party. They keep the night flowing as the master of ceremonies. They are entertainers, servers, and artists.  Whether I am addressing an individual staff member or am addressing a room full of guests over the microphone,  I bring professionalism, dependency, and tact to every element of coordinating your event. 



Planning + Improvisation = Success

My work begins LONG before I am setting up sound equipment. Through planning meetings with you and your vendors, we will be confident in exactly what to expect on the day of your event. That said, I’ve learned to always be ready for the unexpected. I also don't pre-mix anything, so that I can stay in sync with your guests throughout the night.



One size does not fit all

Good music means something different to everyone—that’s why it has to be the right music for you and your guests. Having DJed weddings and events of countless different styles and many demographics, I know the importance of customizing the night to match the you and your guests, not the other way around.



Find the proper balance

Just like in comedy (which I also do), timing is everything. DJing is about understanding what the event needs at any given time. There is a time to be classy, and a time to crank the party. A time for Frank Sinatra, and a time for Lil Jon. With an understanding of timing, we can find balance between an upscale celebration and a throwdown.



Be one with the party

Understanding music is important, but understanding people is essential. I make an effort to get to know you, and in extension, get to know your guests. A dance party is an evolving organism, and I keep a pulse on the ebbs and flows by joining in on the fun (aka dancing)! If your DJ is not having fun, no one will be. :-)

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Stephanie & Brant

Ian has the unique ability to create an environment filled with love, excitement, and positive energy.


Victoria & Joe

"(Our guests) have just gushed and gushed about how it was jam after jam and how they have never seen a wedding dance floor soooo poppin'."

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 1.40.26 AM.png

Allison & Sierra

We never imagined exactly how perfect he would be for our wedding day...We were completely at ease. Ian had everything under control.